The Jesus Spy

The Jesus Spy (novel) by Arthur JonesKindle eBook and paperback available from Amazon worldwide

In 1st-Century Judea, spymaster Musan Deleig keeps a watchful eye on every preacher, itinerant healer and would-be messiah likely to incite a popular uprising against the Roman occupiers. A prince of Parthia, Deleig is chief of espionage for the Roman governor Pontius Pilatus, a headstrong former general ready to send out the legions at the slightest provocation.

Deleig becomes intrigued by a carpenter his own age who is preaching against oppression. Will the man they call Jesus the Nazarene be the one to cause Judeans to rise up against Rome? Deleig must track the movements of this challenging and captivating preacher as a complex web of power struggles pushes both of them toward inevitable conclusions.

This work of historical fiction is Arthur Jones’s first novel.

Publication details

Publisher: Capparoe Books
Publication date: 2019
Formats: Kindle eBook, Amazon paperback (311 pages)
Paperback ISBN: 9780976875123