New Catholics for a New Century

The U.S. Church Today and Where It’s Heading

New Catholics for a New Century by Arthur Jones

How has the role of women changed through the history of the Church? What can we look forward to as the number of priests continues to rapidly decline? Arthur Jones answers these and other questions that prevail in the minds of sixty-two million Catholics about their expectations and the future of the Church.


“Arthur Jones provides a fascinating glance at roads we have traveled in the history of the Cathoic Church. His hope of a Catholic public presence founded on issues around life, dignity and creation for a new century is enlightening and encouraging.” – Annette Kane, Executive Director, National Council of Catholic Women

New Catholics … is a very appropriate book for our time. For anyone who cares about what the Catholic Church in America is today and is personally concerned about where it is going in the future, this book is well worth reading.” – Rev. Theodore M Hesburghm CSC, President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

Publication details

Publisher: Thomas More Press
Publication date: 2000
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0883474556
192 pages