Mary, A Mother Waiting

Raising the Messiah

Mary, A Mother Waiting by Arthur Jones

In this original and insightful book, renowned Catholic journalist Arthur Jones brings compelling new insights to Mary’s role in Jesus’ growth and formation. Mary, A Mother Waiting particularly focuses on the fact that Jesus could turn to Mary as the only human he knew who had been called and “touched” by God as he himself had been called and touched.

This fictional account in blank verse explores ways in which Jesus’ growth while he matured and prepared for his ministry was in great measure shaped by his mother’s understanding of his call – a call that she knew must ultimately end in his death. We see mother and son learning to deal with each other as adults, the dream of all parents for their relationship with their children. Mary, A Mother Waiting leads us to the fact that it was Mary who, at Cana, ushered Jesus into the public sphere and started him on his mission.

Any mother who has ever raised a son to adulthood will be intrigued by Mary, A Mother Waiting, as will all who seek deeper insights into the unique person who was Mary. Questions for individual or group use further draw the reader into this story and into reflecting on its wider implications.




Mary, A Mother Waiting draws us imaginatively into the time, place, and culture in which Jesus and Mary lived, and in which the reader – wondrously – lives for a little while. It is dynamic, full of surprises, and finally full of grace. Not only as Jesus and Mary revealed in a unique way, so are we, the readers.” — Dolores Leckey, author of The Laity and Christian Education: Apostolicam Actuositatem, Gravissimum Educationis, Rediscovering Vatican II series

“Haunting and humorous, Mary, A Mother Waiting allows us to see the mother of Jesus in all her humanity. This beautifully written tribute to the girl who accepted the challenge of an angel and grew into the woman who could command God gives us a new perspective on Mary as she playfully enjoys life with her son, even as she anticipates the future she knows neither of them can escape.” — Cokie Roberts, news analyst for ABC and NPR; author of We Are Our Mother’s Daughters

“The key insight of Mary, A Mother Waiting is the provocative statement that ‘We all wait until events answer the question.’ ” — Aurelie Hagstrom, associate professor of theology, Providence College; author of The Emerging Laity

Publication details

Publisher: Paulist Press
Publication date: 2011
Paperback ISBN: 978-0809146963
96 pages