Literary Scamp Evelyn Waugh

Notre Dame Magazine, August 2003

Notre Dame Magazine, August 2003, cover
Cover of Notre Dame Magazine’s August 2003 issue, A Foreign Affair, by Ken Orvidas

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In the late 1940s, Catholic novelist Evelyn Waugh, the author of Brideshead Revisited, was desperate for a respite from the rationing and privation of post-war England – and from his five children, all under eleven. He convinced Life magazine to publish his report of a two-month tour of the United States during the winter of 1948-49. Jones’s article, “Literary Scamp Evelyn Waugh” in Notre Dame Magazine, describes how Waugh went about getting someone else to cover the costs of his first-class ocean-liner ticket to the U.S. and his luxurious journeying while there. And how he even had other people do most of the research for him.

In researching this article, Jones contacted the Catholic colleges where Waugh spoke, but only at Notre Dame did he locate someone who had attended Waugh’s presentation – the President, Father Ted Hesburgh. Jones also read the Waugh papers at the University of Texas and contacted an American family the Waughs were close to. Later, following a major symposium on Evelyn Waugh at Loyola University, Baltimore, at which he presented a paper, Jones presented his own collection of Waugh first editions, photographs, and correspondence article to Loyola University Library’s special collections.