Capitalism and Christians

Tough Gospel Challenges in a Troubled World Economy

Capitalism and Christians

This book may change the way you think about capitalism. Arthur Jones has produced a scathing critique on capitalism, the way it’s practiced in the United States and most western nations today. Even as it stands triumphant on the world economic stage, he says that capitalism, when measured against Christian precepts, is detrimental to the common good, injurious to the planet, and promotes the false god of materialism. It has turned the United States into the newest Third World country and corrupted the American ideals of human equality and the dignity of the individual. Jones compares the reality of western economic life with the prophetic teaching of Catholic and other church leaders in North and South America.


“Many books are available on the relationship between capitalism and Christianity … but this latest provides a distinctive point of view…. Jones sees business as good but easily corrupted and opines that the undesirable form of capitalism has become dominant. He proposes three solutions: forgive debts for Third World countries; convince churches to provide money for community development (and mortgage their real estate if necessary); and create industries that are owned and managed by workers.” – Larry Seilhamer, St. Paul’s College, in Library Journal

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Publisher: Paulist Press
Publication date: 1992
Hardback ISBN: 978-0809133451
90 pages