An ‘Ecology Advent’ Based on Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Sí

An Aid to Meditation

Ecology Advent based on Laudato Si by Arthur JonesThe timing of Pope Francis’ 35,000-word ecology encyclical, Laudato Sí (2015), could not have been more relevant. This booklet provides daily reflections for the four weeks of Advent. Each week offers a different way to meditating, more or less on the same topics—though from different angles. A meditation is not a course of study. We do not need to memorize anything, nor learn anything. Rather, what we read should help prompt us in the direction our heart and soul and mind want to go and as a consequence have the spirit develop to lead us.

While the timing is apt, in another sense, it could not be more grim. This dichotomy marks the entirety of the discussion for the first three weeks. The fourth week, following the encyclical’s pattern, eases back and returns to a calmer and more comforting—though still challenging—Christian appraisal. In doing so it flows easily towards Advent’s hopeful anticipation.

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Publication details

Publication date: 2015
Publisher: Originally printed by St Vincent de Paul Church, MD
Format: pdf, U.S. letter size
32 pages