Campaign 1996

Who’s Who in the Race for the White House

The 1996 election year is heating up to be a presidential race of spectacular proportions. Although the Democrats captured the White House in 1992, the mid-term Congressional elections gave the Republican radical right wing and dissatisfied Democrats the encouragement they need to enter the impossible, but exhilarating, race for the most challenging job in the world.

Veteran journalists James L. Srodes and Arthur Jones have direct access to all the major candidates. And in Campaign 1996: Who’s Who in the Race for the White House they have created for voters a fascinating insider’s look – the kind of bible that journalists usually share among themselves. Comprehensive, informative and insightful, it includes in-depth interviews with the major candidates; profiles of voters by various groups; trends to watch for; important local and state issues; the long-term fate of the Contract With America; and what the American people want from government. A fast-paced, nonpartisan handbook that gives voters the information they need to choose their candidate wisely.

Publication details

Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication date: 1995
Paperback ISBN: 978-0061009938
168 pages