The Jesus Spy

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Is Jesus the Nazarene preaching peace or revolution? Pontius Pilate wants Musan Deleig, his spymaster in Roman-occupied Judea, to find out. As Deleig tracks this challenging and captivating figure, he becomes enmeshed in a complex web of power struggles that threaten to destroy them both.

This compelling novel offers a vivid account of the Jesus story, with a rich cast of historical and fictional characters. Deleig’s Zoroastrian belief in a single God makes him an outsider in the pantheistic Roman Empire. So, he is a compassionate if impartial observer of Jesus’ preaching, trial and crucifixion. But the spymaster increasingly finds himself torn between his obligations to Rome and his moral duty as events conspire toward the inevitable outcome.

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Review: I read “The Jesus Spy” with rapt attention and the greatest of pleasure. Jones is a writer of outstanding ability and fluency; the book is difficult to put down. Jones’s knowledge of the times and places of his story is most impressive, and the reader feels that he is THERE. His characters have a commendable reality – well-rounded and believable. Most important, Jones knows how to tell a story, a skill too little seen these days. This is a new take on an old, oft-told tale, with variety and freshness, and a wonderful surprise ending. Highly recommended. – William Bettridge, review

Review: What a marvelous read, filled with great characters, action, suspense, history, wit, and a surprising, satisfying ending. Musan is a Biblical James Bond, with his varied talents and skills, shrewd decision-making, and beautiful love interest. You’ll never read a more interesting novel that explores the “murder” of Jesus. – Cheryl Bubier, review

Review: Outstanding historical novel of the rulers and politics behind the life and death of Jesus. The writing is taut and the details of the times are outstanding. I would highly recommend this historical novel. – S. Ward, review

Review: Facts and fiction are woven into this fascinating novel by Arthur Jones. His knowledge of geography and first century politics in the church and Roman government made the characters come alive. I was compelled to finish the book even though I knew the outcome. – Mary S., review

Paperback and eBook: 2019, Capparoe Books, 311 pages, paperback ISBN: 9780976875123

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