Boomer Guru
Boomer Guru: How M. Scott Peck Guided Millions but Lost Himself on the Road Less Traveled
MD: Capparoe Books, 2015
Known as “the Nation’s Shrink,” psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, MD, shot to fame in 1978 with his best-selling book The Road Less Traveled. Yet, even as he helped millions toward God and enlightenment, he searched for them for himself without success. Biographer Arthur Jones had unprecedented access to Peck to produce a searing account of a world-famous psychiatrist on the couch. Read more…


NCR at Fifty
The National Catholic Reporter at Fifty: The Story of the Pioneering Paper and Its Editors
MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2014
NCR’s investigative approach to the Catholic Church and its activities at the national and international levels altered forever how journalists would report on the previously secretive church. The biographical chapters show how individual editors’ backgrounds shaped their approaches across the paper’s half-century. Read more…


Pierre Toussaint
Pierre Toussaint
NY: Doubleday, 2003
At the time of his death in the mid-19th century, Toussaint was hailed as New York’s leading black citizen. He was praised for his exemplary life of Christan service, not least when yellow fever epidemics revealed him as a man who placed others’ needs before his own.


Malcolm Forbes: Peripatetic Millionaire
Malcolm Forbes: Peripatetic Millionaire
NY: Harper, 1977
The daredevil son of magazine founder B.C. Forbes, whose mantel and the Forbes magazine he inherited.




Mary, A Mother Waiting
Mary, A Mother Waiting: Raising the Messiah
Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2011
A blank verse fictional account of the mother-son relationship, and their roles in educating each other.



Facing Fear with Faith
Facing Fear with Faith
by Arthur Jones and Dolores Leckey
Allen, TX: Thomas More Press, 2003
Poetry and prose as a means for dealing with post-9/11 anxieties, and fear in general.


New Catholics for a New Century
New Catholics for a New Century
Allen, TX: Thomas More Press, 2000
An examination of the U.S. Catholic Church from World War II to the Millenium, with some thoughts about the half-century ahead.


Hearts on Fire
Hearts on Fire
by Penny Lernoux with Arthur Jones and Robert Ellsberg
Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 1993
Lernoux’s history of the Maryknoll Sisters. Lernoux wrote five chapters before her death, and Jones and Ellsberg completed the 15-chapter book.


Reassessing: A Spirituality of Possessions and Relationships
Kansas City: Sheed & Ward, 1980
A reflection using the rosary to reveal the material and relational essentials in our lives.




Race for the White House
Race for the White House
by James Srodes and Arthur Jones
NY: HarperCollins, 1995
The political and economic policies of the many candidates in run-up to the 1996 presidential election.


Capitalism & Christians
Capitalism & Christians: Tough Gospel Challenges in a Troubled World Economy
NY: Paulist Press, 1992
Capitalism – the good, the bad and the ugly – examined through a Gospel filter.



he Decline of Capital
The Decline of Capital
NY: T.Y. Crowell (Harper), 1976
The growing dependency of a once self-sufficient nation and the interplay between Wall Street/corporate world and the government.