Malcolm Forbes

Peripatetic Millionaire

Malcolm Forbes: Peripatetic Millionaire by Arthur Jones

Millionaire balloonist Malcolm Forbes owns a magazine that bears a stamp of individual personality as few magazines have done since the reign of Henry Luce.

Malcolm Forbes is a multimillionaire because of Forbes magazine. The authoritative, 630,000-circulation business-finance magazine is a magnificent moneymaker that Forbes owns lock, stock, and masthead. And he spends his profits as quickly as he reaps them.

The sun never sets of Malcolm Forbes’ empire: a tropical island in Fiji, Zane Grey’s old fishing camp in Tahiti, a palace in Tangiers, a chateau in Normandy, a Christopher Wren house in London, a 174,000-acre ranch in Colorado.

His are the trappings of a merry monach: two yachts – motor and sail, bulletproof showcases displaying his Faberge jewelry, motorcycles, luxury cars, a New York townhouse, a 12,000-bottle wine cellar … and a half dozen hot air balloons.

All of these possessions were earned from one source: the magazine founded sixty years ago by Malcolm’s father, Bertie Charles “BC” Forbes, at one time William Randolph Hearst’s highest-paid financial columnist.

But Malcolm Forbes did not inherit a fortune – he inherited a struggling magazine. From that base, in less than thirty years, Forbes magazine grew to a major moneymaker – for one man. How it grew, why it grew, and the fun Malcolm Forbes, a modern-day adventurer, had along the way making it grow is that the tale told in this book. Like its subject, this book is great fun.

Publication details

Publisher: Harper & Row
Publication date: 1977
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0060122041
211 pages